Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Smart Way to Find Best Property

Moving to a new city for work is tough and finding a home there is tougher. Managing both the work and house search can be tiresome. You do not have time that the buying process requires and compromising with the new job is not possible. So how can you ensure the best home for the limited time and tight budget? We can find many such people in the metro cities, just starting on the job and roaming in search of a stable settlement. Let us see how you can find a right accommodation quickly within a budget.

Find the Right kind of Accommodation

Buying a house is not the only option. The professionals in other cities can also opt for PGs,
Rented houses, service apartments etc. In the rent apartment, there is no headache of managing the EMIs or the home maintenance. One can save during this period to buy a house of dreams in the later years. PGs are a good option for those who want a space just to sleep at night. Most of the PGs offer food and basic furniture which are apt for the people just starting out. A lot of people live in the PGs and that can be considered as a community where you can make new friends. Those who want to cook their own food can choose service apartments available with a kitchen. These are expensive than the PGs but cheaper that a rented house.

Check the finances

Decide the budget first. You cannot spend all of your savings into buying a house. Keep some funds aside for the rainy days and some for the stamp duty and the registration charges. Moreover, according to the payment options offered by the builder, you need to pay around 10% to 80% down payment. This is a big financial decision and one need to be prepared ahead. You will probably be taking the home loan, so the credit score should be great.

The Requirements

Do not buy or rent a space more than the required. You spend 9 to 5 on job and stay in the house only at night and during the weekends. So, do not invest in the luxuries that you will not exploit the most. If you are not into gyming, do not take the membership. 1BHK is enough for you because this is your temporary residence. Do not think for the future while buying the first house because you are not financially capable of buying the house for the family.

Vicinity to the Workplace

Work is your priority and many cities are promoting the ‘walk to workplace’ culture. This way, you can save some money on the transport and save time too. Reach office on time without being stuck in the traffic. The time saved on travelling can be utilised in other productive activities.

Amenities and the Neighbourhood

Your house should have all the basic facilities like water, electricity, security system, etc. The single professionals are always worried about their belongings back at home. With the advanced security, they can be assured that even when they are away, their things are safe. The neighbourhood also matters a lot in such a case. Whether it’s a rented space or own house, go fro secure neighbourhood with friendly neighbours and no record of crimes in the past few years.

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